centos transmission-daemon edit web interface? - centos

https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TransmissionHowTo - i'am looking for this
Where is stored the web interaface of the transmission-daemon web interface, - when you go here,
is it possible to change it? where is it stored?


SugarCRM invoking External Web Services simple examples

I have been trying to find some very,very simple exaple on how to implement invoking some external web service from Sugar CRM, all examples I found are Invoking SugarCRM,but without luck. One example, call some web service using a button and return only one value in some field. Does someone have such links or examples? I want to learn how to integrate with some external web services?
This example helped me alot.
Here's a simple tool for doing this...
If you want something more advanced, you can leverage the Connections API to help out as well...

In OTRS, how can ConfigItems be found using Webservices

I am building a website which is supposed to read ConfigItems of an OTRS system for maintenance purposes. So far I can find and use ConfigItems using the Webservice ConfigItem::ConfigItemGet and ConfigItem::ConfigItemSearch.
Sadly I am unable to find the option able to get all ConfigItems linked to a specific one. Is there an existing interface to query linked items or do I have to implement a new one?
Querys are sent from my angularjs website to a nodejs server which prepares the JSONs to interact with the OTRS 4.0.7 Rest interface. I don't need to change item in OTRS.
There is no web service available that returns the linked objects (either tickets or other CI's). It would be able to add this to Kernel/GenericInterface/Operation/ConfigItem/ConfigItemGet.pm but it's not there out of the box.

Is it possible to connect webservice programatically in ADF mobile

I want to call some Web Services/REST services which has different URL which cannot been known during design time but known as they are in same structure. URL addresses could be obtain at run time.
I'm curious about is it possible to use web method such as that method with ADF mobile?
Not sure if you can change this with a programmatic way but :
Or at design time:

Accessing WebSphere API (Admin Console / Wsadmin)

Let's say I am writing a software that needs accesing to WebSphere API - retriving the cell name, the server names etc. - information I can get from the Admin Console - Is there a way (using http, web is perfered) to get the exact information I am looking for?
That is, an AdminConsole for programs to read?
I know that there is the wsadmin, but I don't know if it can be accessed as if it were a server. If so, how?
Thank you.
Basically, every functionality you see in the Admin console (or that can be accessed via wsadmin) is exposed by an MBean and can be invoked using JMX.
wsadmin is a tool which is bundled with WAS and it allows everything you asked for. It can be used to administrate remote WAS, and it can be run as standalone program without WAS.
WAS has JMX interface for managed beans. Through it you can inspect configuration and administrate all AdminControl options given by wasdmin and even more.

Umbraco - set document publicly accessible via web services

The question regarding the Umbraco CMS:
I have to setup public access for particular document (a blog, for example) programmatically - using web services exposed by Umbraco (Document service, Member service, etc.). I suppose that services are suitable for CRUD operations only, but I am not sure, as they let setting document properties in a flexible way.
Does someone have any experience with this and can you help me implement this?
Thanks in advance.
The webservices that sit in the /umbraco/webservies/api/ directory work directly with database (this is bypassing the in-memory XML, and will hit the database with every request)
These API's are only available to users you supply in /config/umbraco.config
I'm guessing you want to return a bunch of data through JSON or XML, Umbraco base would be suitable http://umbraco.org/documentation/books/introduction-to-base