it is possible to create a virtual machine with hyper-v from a directory backup - virtualization

I have a Windows 2008 Server Platform with Hyper-V and a the virtual machine crash. If possible to create a virtual machine in windows server 2012 with Hyper-v with backup of all directory of the virtual machine?.


Connect Visual Studio Remote Debugging with Remote VPS

I tried to write a driver and deploy on the remote machine. I have VPS with Windows 10 installed and VMware virtualize. Also, the VPS for the connect needs Username and Password. Can I connect visual studio remote debugging with including username and password?

How to properly transfer Virtual Server from Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008?

I have a dev image running under Virtual Server 2005 R2. Host OS is Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 3. The target OS is Microsoft Server 2008 R2. How do I transfer my image so it works with Windows Server 2008? Do I need to uninstall my virtual server's drivers before the tranfer?
I would. Uninstall it, load into hype-v, install new drivers.

From Win 8 host machine can't access Oracle on VMWARE using WS 2008

I've just created a vmware virtual machine with Windows Server 2008 and intalled Oracle XE 11g.
On the host system (Windows 8.1), I am trying to connect to this Oracle Server through SQL Developer, without any success. The error I get is:
Status: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
The network is set to Host-only: A private network shared with the host, and I can ping to it from the host machine.
Also I have already disabled the firewall in the VM.
Can anyone help me on this?
Thanks in advance.
Faced the same problem, I was need to connect from host to vm oracle database, my solution below
Use network bridge adapter om VM
Set static IP address on VM
Disable vm firewall or forward port (1521)
Stop database instance, listener etc
Edit ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora and
RACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora to change localhost on
static ip
Start database

How do I enable connections to a MySQL database from a Virtual PC using SQL Developer

I've got a MySQL Database on my local machine (Windows 7).
My local machine hosts 2 VMWare virtual machines. One running windows xp and the other running Ubuntu.
I want to access the MySQL database on my local machine using SQLDeveloper on the windows XP virtual machine.
The Ubuntu machine is able to access the database from within a java app using url jdbc:mysql://Peter-PC:3306/accessodev and a user/pass
When I attempt to connect from the windows XP box use SQLDeveloper I get a message saying: Communications link failure. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
Both the Ubuntu and Windows XP machines fail to connect using telnet Peter-PC 3306. Both machines successfully resolve Peter-PC to the correct IP address.
The Win 7 Machine can telnet to itself using telnet Peter-PC 3306. The windows firewall is turned off on this machine.
Can anyone give me any tips on how I can get connectivity to the MySQL database from the WinXP machine using SQLDeveloper?
Edit: I'm using the driver from
Probably stating the obvious here but have you granted permission to the virtual machines to connect to the MySQL server (grant all permissions on database.* to 'winxp'#'a.b.c.d' identified by 'passwordhere'; flush privileges;)? And on the XP machine, have you allowed the SQLDevloper app through the firewall? Might be worth running up Wireshark on the host machine to see exactly what's coming through to the host machine too

Access apache server of virtual system in host system

I have installed centOS 6.3 as guest in win7 system using VMware. Apache server is created in centOS and it is working fine. But I want to access this apache server in host (win7) system.
Is it possible to access the apache server installed in guest system from the host system ?
Use bridged networking.
Go to the Network tab
Select the network mode in VMWare as Bridged Network
Ensure that you have the proper firewall settings on host and guess.
Save the settings
Start the VM Again
Have fun.