How do you get /boot/grub2 in centos 6.6? [on hold] - centos

I'm handling a script that deals with some files in
/boot/grub2/, however, my computer, which has a fresh install of centos 6.6, doesn't have that directory. How do I get to activate or install this ?


Can’t install openmotif22 on CentOS 7

I wanna to install openmotif22 on centos 7 but I get the message from installer “Sorry, this did not work. The file is not supported.”
Can you share with us the command you are using to perform the install as well as the exact package you are attempting to install.
Are you using the steps documented here:

update php folder xampp for install curl_reset()

A new version of a program written in the PHP in XAMPP install I had trouble in error openssl.dll, curl_reset () to install the new version of PHP 5.5, how can I fix PHP XAMPP folder with the new version will replace
The easiest way to install the new version of the program, may not install the new version with the error encountered port 80 by performing the following steps, you can download it and trouble-free installation...
download new xampp apachefriends
install it
remove all VPN app
open folder XAMPP run setup_xampp.bat
run xampp-control.exe Or apache-shutdown

Need to install xampp 1.8.2 to different folder in ubuntu

I have ubuntu and I have xampp 1.7.7 installed in /opt/lampp and I want to install xampp 1.8.2 in another folder because I need php 5.4 for a project hosted on google app engine
any ideas?
I found the solution in this
I have installed in different folder and then I stopped xampp and start it whenever I need it

How do I install XAMPP to another directory on Windows 10?

I'm having the hardest time installing XAMPP on C:\Development\xampp on Windows 10. I would like my C drive to be as clean as possible so I'm moving as many dev tools to the Development folder as I can to achieve this. I get an error towards the end of the XAMPP installation about a problem running the post-install step. It then suggests I install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable, which I already have the 2012 version installed. Originally XAMPP was installed on C:\ with no problems.
How do I install XAMPP to the above directory or any directory other than C:\?
I have tried installing XAMPP portable and now receive the following error
I'm no longer on Windows so I can't re-test, but as I recall, the easiest way I managed this was to use the portable version of xampp.
Make sure to run the shell setup script so that it recognizes it's location properly.
You can get it from Apache Friends
Or from

How do install wamp server 0

When I finish install then it show
C:\Windows\system32\MSVCR110.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.
But recently I download MSVCR110.dll and I send it C:\Windows\system32 and restart computer. But when I run Wamp server then it is also show this message.
I assume you are trying to install WAMPServer 2.5 on a Windows XP system.
I am afraid that will not work as Apache/PHP & MySQL in that version are all compiled with MSCV11 (VC2012), and unfortunately the MSCV11 runtime will not run on Windows XP. This is a Microsoft thing and not a WAMPServer problem.
Your best bet is to install WampServer 2.2e as Apache/PHP & MySQL were all compiled with an ealier version of the compiler and that runtime will work on XP.