Move interactive message bubble to app area - ios

I'm writing a messages extension that is meant to work with Apple Business Chat. When receiving an interactive message, I would like to show a static bubble that the user taps to show more options down in the app area OR simply show my interactive area and not show a bubble.
How can I achieve one of these things?
My problem is that I have a small tableViewController for the user to interact with and it doesn't play well in the message bubble area.

In your JSON, use the following setting:


How can I customize the “Required background modes” Alert Box?

In my App's plist file, there is a Required background modes key included that I need for CoreBluetooth.
Now when I start the App with Bluetooth turned off, a message box appears telling me to turn on Bluetooth. So this works fine. My question is how can I customize the appearance of the alert bbx? Or is it just possible to access this alert view in code?
This would be very helpful to know because this dialog lets me automatically switch to the bluetooth settings section, in iOS 11 it's no longer possible.
Any help is highly appreciated.
It is not possible to customize the look of a background mode alert.
What you can do is display a separate custom alert before/after the background mode alert's appearance.
This approach is used by many popular apps, for example, this is an alert displayed in Messenger before asking for the user's permission for accessing contacts:

iOS : instead of “[app] is using your location” I'd like to display another text like “return to [app]”, is this possible?

Our app is using background location so this blue banner appears when leaving the app. Our users find it not clear to have a message saying the app is using the location, but would love to read "back to [app]" to be able to return to the app.
Is this possible? How could I customize the banner text? I saw apps doing it.

Emoji input (only) in Watchkit

I'm currently making a WatchKit app and I'm playing with the user input options.
I'd like to place a couple buttons in the messaging area that go straight to voice and emoji inputs.
I know that I can place just one button with both options enabled with
presentTextInputController(withSuggestions: nil, allowedInputMode: .allowEmoji, completion:{(message)
but I'd like to place two separated buttons in order to display the voice dictation or emoji in an easier way with just one tap. Apple does this with the messages app currently and I was wondering if it is something that we are also able to do.
Apple messages buttons
Is this something that can be done?
Thank you for the help

Set focus on mail message when composing mail on iPad

in an application I am building I implemented a function to let users send email back as feedback. The default mail compose screen shows up on my iPad, but I would like to replicate native feature, so that the keyboard will show up and it will be focused on the message when the modal mail view appears.
This will enable users to start writing their feedback without clicking on to the message to show the keyboard, which is the case now.
Thanx for help
programatically set first responder on the first field you want yo be focused something like
[txtfieldname setFirstResponder];

What does “toast” mean?

Curious what "Toast" means?
Saw this and am curious...
Why does my text keep highlighting?
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A small informational message that pops up like toast.
It's a type of Window that "pops up" like toast:
An example of a Messenger toast is the message that appears on a user's desktop when one of the user's contacts signs in. Another example of Messenger toasts is the messages displayed when a user receives an alert from the .NET Alerts service. The following are examples of typical toasts:
alt text,VS.85).png alt text,VS.85).png
"Toast" refers to a UI feature where an event causes a small text box to appear at the bottom of the screen. The behavior seems like a piece of bread emerging from a toaster.
It is a popup alert that generally appears on the right hand side of the screen, and is usually for notifications with great importance. There is generally a cool effect with it, such as fading or stretching.
In my question, the toast pops up and fades in.
Toast is just another name for a pop-up notification, a small message that appears temporarily to communicate some information. Pop-ups referred to as “toast” are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen, and in some cases actually pop up like toast:
Photo above from Android Developers: Toasts
Its a kind of notification that is poped up.