Universal App is being tested in Iphone compatibility mode by apple - xamarin.ios

I have (now) marked my app to be a Universal App.
When i deploy it locally to an ipad it runs as a native iPad app (all good, nice rendering, heaps of space)
when i submit it to Apple for review they reject it becasue they run it in iphone compatibility app (basically like an iphone 4 ) and the rendering goes wrong (not enough space).
What else do i need to set in the Xamarin project so it will never run in iPhone compatibility mode on the iPad ?


Devices says IPhone but application can still be downloaded for ipad?

I recently pushed an application to appstore. Now i have no idea why, but it says that its compatible with ipad too. In Deployment info i picked IPhone only. How is this possible and how can i change this fast.
Thank you
Even if you have chosen iPhone in Deployment info. The app will still get install in iPad. Here are list you can chose in deployment info.
Universal :- These apps are designed to work on both iPhone and iPad.
When running on an iPad, these apps confirms to the larger screen of iPad as well as screen of iPhone.
iPhone apps :- These are apps designed specifically for iPhone. These apps can still run on iPad. However they will run on iPhone compatibility mode. There are some apps that utilize unique features of the iPhone such as ability to place phone calls. These apps will be unavailable to iPad.
iPad :- Designed specifically for iPad. Cannot install on iPhone.

iPhone App won't run on ipad at 2x resolution

my iphone application keeps getting rejected because it won't run at 2x iphone resolution on the ipad. my application is an iphone only app but apple requires every app to run on the ipad.
here is the rejection letter i keep getting -iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution
I was facing the same problem of rejection. My app was iPhone app and Apple require it to run on iPad without any modifications.
It means that your app should run on iPad as it runs on the iPhone device without any modifications in design and other things.
My app was also running good on iPad without any modifications but still it was rejected. That was so frustrating for me. I searched lot for this but I haven't got any particular solution.
What I did for the solution:
Make sure your app runs on iPad as per the Apple's guidelines.
Make sure the splash screen should also run on the iPad device also.(It was the only reason for my app's rejection).
And in your app's "Note" section on iTunes connect mention that your app is only developed for iPhone only.(I think it's required to mention!!!)
Hope your app submitted successfully.

Titanium - How to make an iphone-only app run nicely in iPad's compatibility mode?

so today my app was rejected in the app store because of this:
2.10: iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution
Considerations:- This app is an iphone-only, meaning that is the only target that I chose in the tiapp.xml.- This app was already accepted once in the appstore, this is an update.- In my code sometimes I use px for imagens and sometimes DP, but I've tried switching all to DP in this screen and had even worse results.
As far as I can see, there are no errors associated with it (that means the app does NOT crash when you run it in iPad simulator) therefore I'm assuming they rejected it because of a layout problem.
Since this is an iphone-only app, iPad should run the app in compatibility mode, meaning that it might scale it up, but respecting the original sizes.
This is a pic of the app running in a retina simulator (with no problems):
And here's a picture of the app running in a retina iPad simulator (though the result is the same in a non-retina):
As you can see, everything's huge and I have no clue why. I'm running ios7.1, Titanium SDK version 3.3.0.GA and it's a alloy app.
Any help is very much appreciated, thanks.
The point 2.10 reference any resources of app. So, if you have not resources, for example, screenshot before load application, your app will be reject. The iPhone apps should have iPad resources, but iPad apps may be independent.
My problem was not the iPad resources or splash screens. Actually, I was using PIXELS instead of DP in many places in my application. This was not a problem for none of the iPhone versions, but was a problem when iPad tried to run the iPhone-only app in compatibility mode. In any case, now there's also the iPhone 6 with different resolutions so one should never use pixels.

Will Apple reject my application if it does not run on an iPad 1?

I'm a beginner programmer and I have a universal application that works perfectly on iPhone and iPad with IOS 6.0 and up. However, it has certain features which cannot run on an iPad 1 because this device can only upgrade up to IOS 5.1.1. Whenever I run on an iPad 5.1 simulator, the application crashes. This is not the problem since I already expect it to do that.
Will Apple reject my application since it does not run on the iPad 1? Are there other iPad applications that leave out iPad 1's?
Of course not! Obviously, Apple thinks iPad 1 owners should just buy new iPads. :)
BTW, you should check out Apple's page on the approval process
, especially their approval guidelines for information on what they are looking for in an app submission.
No, they will not. So long as your app is supported on the latest iOS version, they will not reject your app for not supporting older devices. If your app has additional hardware requirements that the latest OS does not, be sure to clearly specify this in your app description.

iOS application - Don't support iPad

I have developed a new iOS application (it supports iOS6 and older versions). It has been tested in iPhone4 and iPhone5, both work perfectly.
When uploading the application to the AppStore, Apple is asking me to provide screenshots for iPad. The problem is that I haven't tested the application in iPad as I don't want it to be used there. Is it possible to specify somewhere that the application is not iPad supported? Will I still have to provide the iPad screenshots when uploading the application?
Thank you,
In Xcode you can specify which devices your application will work with before submitting it to the store.
In the project build window you can specify what platform it works on in the device family field.
If set to iphone it will not publish to ipad