/ Unable to update project -

I am having an issue updating surge project.
After the initial project commit any new updates don't seem to work.
Tried updating the project several times, but seems that server still returns a version of first project upload.
Cache is not an issue, because the issue the same project version is served up across different devices.
Any advice, please?

I had the same issue. It works normally after I npm install -g surge


React Native application crashing immediately - no linked packages

I've been trying to debug an old project for quite some time. This project was crashing every time I installed and ran a release build with ./gradlew assembleRelease and react-native run-android --variant=release. The weird thing is, the debug version was running just fine (react-native run-android).
Finally, I gave up and moved all of the javascript to completely brand-new project, attaching it only via the index.js that came when I ran react-native init <project>.
Again, the project runs just fine in debug but the release build crashes immediately without any indication of what could be going wrong.
I'm using react-native: 0.50.3, react: 16.1.1, and I've stripped the project down so that there are no linked packages (as far as I'm aware, my project is now completely written in javascript).
I'd like to at least figure out how I might begin debugging this. I posted a question react-native build a standalone app in dev mode earlier because I'd like for the app to give me details instead of crashing. How can I figure out the root cause of the crash?
I realize that this isn't necessarily a solution, but it turns out there was a version mismatch that wasn't showing itself in the debug build. I'm still not sure the exact issue is.
My advice would be to run the release build with Android Studio running. I didn't know this was possible, and as soon as I learned, the problem was fixed after I was able to identify the problematic package and updating it.

installReactHook is not a function / installReactHook is undefined

Suddenly I can't get my react native project to start on ios simulator or device. I don't know what happened in between. I tried to clear all cache, reinstalled the node modules, pod install, but nothing works. Can't find anything except that in the react native documentation that this is part of Systrace. I'm stumped.
I did run npm link yesterday - maybe it messed something up, but still after that building was not an issue.
I'm sure i messed something up myself, but hopefully someone has a hint.
Not sure this will help, but sometimes cleaning the ios build folder fixes weird things
This was a bit of a headache.
I also saw the error Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling runApplication). But that was not really the issue.
Whilst checking if android build has similar problem, I found that the module react-native-animated-linear-gradient had two issues
It gave problems with ReactNativeFeatureFlags.js.
It had a duplicate definition of react-native (as if it also included the whole react-native project through its package.json
By continuing to remove this package completely, unlinking it manually, reinstalling npm packages and cleaning my npm cache I finally got it to work again, both on android and ios.
I wasn't using that package, but due to lingering in my package.json and running npm update it went and broke something in my setup I suspect. If only I had removed it completely after not testing and deciding not using it.
I hope it helps people giving direction if you suddenly see installreacthook not found. It costs me 4 hours to figure out.

react-native link #shoutem/ui

I am having issues installing #shouted/ui. Seems like react-native link is not resolving the path correctly.
React Native is attempting to access node_modules/#shoutem/ui/node_modules
but there is no such folder, within the ui folder, which got me thinking it could be the new node version 7.x I was using. Downgrading didn't help.
Did anyone else come across this?
We're working on this issue and it will be solved in the following version, which is coming tomorrow the latest. However, you can already use #shoutem/ui now, as these errors don't affect the usage of the library at all.
EDIT: Our toolkit has went through several updates now and it should be all working.

Angular CLI generating component in wrong directory

I've been using Angular-CLI for quite a while now without any problems.
However a strange issue has just developed on one of my projects.
I cd into a directory (e.g. app/some-module) and execute
ng g component new-component
I would expect cli to create a new directory inside the some-model directory, i.e.:
With the component files in that directory. This is the way it has been happening every since I started with Angular CLI.
However, a couple of days ago, it stopped working. Now it will create a new directory within the app directory, i.e.
I transferred the whole app (via git) to another dev machine and it works fine.
I tried in another cli project on my dev machine and it works there too.
It is just this project on my machine.
So the problem has to be in a config file in my project that is ignored by git, but I have gone through everything I can think of and can't find anything.
I also updated cli to latest (1.0.0) yesterday but this did not fix the problem.
Thanks Ahmed, you pointed me in the right direction.
I was going to post my angular.cli.json file but I thought I would have one more look at it first.
The solution turned out to involve going back to the angular-cli docs and following EVERY step in the 1.0 Upgrade Guide.
I don't know exactly which step solved the problem unfortunately because nothing worked until I restarted my Terminal session. Then everything was OK.
But the only things I did were the steps in the upgrade guide.

“babelHelpers.interopRequireDefault is not a function” when upgrading to React Native 0.16.0-rc

I upgraded to react-native 0.16.0-rc, ran npm install, then ran react-native upgrade. When trying to launch the iOS app in a simulator (or device, doesn't matter) I get the error:
[error][tid:com.facebook.React.RCTExceptionsManagerQueue] Unhandled JS Exception: babelHelpers.interopRequireDefault is not a function. (In 'babelHelpers.interopRequireDefault(_reactNative)', 'babelHelpers.interopRequireDefault' is undefined)
I've just about run out of ideas here. Is there something I need to add to my xcode project maybe? Merging the latest react-native templates into mine was a nightmare so maybe something got messed up there.
This problem is discussed in this Github issue and fixed by this commit. You can apply this patch temporarily until it is merged into the project with the version 0.16.