How to remove a source only showing up in the DOM - wordpress

I am running into an issue that I cannot figure out. I am running a Wordpress site that I just discovered today must have been hacked. There is a source that holds explicit photographs. The only place the holder shows up is in the source console in the Sources tab.
The item in question is the kasova folder.
Would this be caused by the website not being secure or from the hosting?
How could I remove this and prevent it from happening in the future?


IThemes site Lockout - Wordpress

I am currently using IThemes security plugin for my Wordpress/Woocommerce website.
I go on the website regularly to make sure everything is working ok. today I got locked out of the website and was unable to access any pages. I regularly get lockout emails and find out when I check the IP that it is my own IP address but luckily I am logged in as administrator at the time so do not get locked out.
My main concern is that I do not access invalid URL's / 404's. yet the plug in is deeming, somehow, that I am....
Is there anyway, anyone knows of that I can check to see f maybe a plug in is conflicting?
Any help would be great as I am scared that when my website is running properly that potential customers may get locked out which will not be good for business
The quickest, and safest way to conduct a check to see if any plugin (or combination of plugins) is causing an issue with your WordPress install is by doing the following:
Log into the respective website via FTP.
Head over to the plugin folder, which is located at /yourWebsite/wp-content/plugins
If you have any security plugins, I would start by re-naming one of the plugin folders, by adding another letter to the folder name.
Refresh your website and see if the issue has been fixed, if the issue hasn't been fixed yet, be sure to re-name the folder BACK to it's ORIGINAL name.
Rinse & repeat, eventually if a plugin is causing the problem - it will be fixed as the plugin gets disabled by renaming the folder.

wordpress menu includes different domain randomly

I'm using Wordpress 4.9.1–en_GB, and have a live site which has been up and live for some months without issue.
48 hours ago it suddenly (or rather I noticed suddenly) started displaying some pages as unformatted (no css) lists of links and text. The links on those pages were to another domain which directed to my site, but which has never been part of my site, and for which there is no direction within the site.
Loading and saving that one page fixed it on that page, and another page which was exhibiting the issue.
I redirected the external domain so that it would not point to my website.
Today it has exhibited the same behaviour, but with a subdomain which points to my site, but which again is not in use. Again saving the page without making any edits 'fixed' the behaviour.
I'm not asking for a fix - but whether anyone has ever experienced a similar problem, or has a pointer towards where to look, and will report back what I find, in the hope it helps someone else if it ever occurs to them.
I didn't originally build the site - it has a load of plugins, not all active and disabling and removing plugins is definitely an option - but not a great one, since the problem is not predictable, so I have no firm way of knowing whether my actions have fixed the issue, and in the meantime my commercial site will not be functioning as desired (which I appreciate is occasionally the case anyway it would seem).
It sits in Amazon EC2.
sorry for the lack of precision, but I am truly stumped.
this sounds like your website may have been breached. to address the conflict of web pages not formatting is usually the ssl not being installed correctly on the server. but if you have a lot of plugins installed it's a huge security issue and the plugins may be causing the domain issue
the plugins may be causing a conflict within each other I would recommend removing the plugins that generally don't get used.
deactivate the plugins in use and reactivate them.
use word fence security plugin to run to a scan on your website.
when I had this problem it was because the ssl was not installed on my server correctly if not that, a breach may be the cause. I hope this helps.
If the issue started within that time frame as stated that makes me more confident that this is an ssl issue. Sometimes an ssl doesn’t install correctly on a server this can cause a conflict with how the layout in css and HTML is affected. this is common in some cases, while it’s happening with the current theme your using, some WordPress themes can bypass the ssl error, I would recommend getting a new ssl from let’s encrypt and removing the one that was auto renewed through let’s encrypt. This could simply fix the problem. If not feel free to share your findings on the issue.

How do I update my website cached version on Google cachedview?

I am developing a website and I faced an issue today on my site, I will try to briefly explain the scenario hoping anyone could give a proper explanation for it.
My website is a WordPress website and I have the coming soon page activated so users will be redirected to it.
Two days ago I turned that plugin off by mistake and users were able to see my page. Today I turned it back on, and that's where the issue arises.
In full web (desktop) the coming soon page is visible and working fine, but when I hit the responsive view on my chrome browser the page is still available and the welcome page is not. In the sources tab, I can see the hosted directory being loaded so I went to the hosted directory (public_html) and I hid the folder that contains all the assets (renamed it to .foldername).
I hit refresh still loads the old page when I hit ctrl+shift+r I get the new version. On Firefox the scenario isn't reproducible it just happens on responsive view on Google Chrome browser.
Can anybody explain to me what's happening I assume it has something to do with Google caching my webpage and never updating it. But if like to hear a more professional explanation Thanks.
Have you tried clearing your Cache in Google Chrome? Also, Have you enqueued any Scripts or Styles in your functions.php file? If so, increase their version number. This will force the browser to download the Scripts and/or Styles again rather than loading any Cached copies.
Hope this helps to resolve your problem(s).

Wordpress Dashboard broken, displays “flashbacks” of comments/plugins/updates

I’m using the latest version of Wordpress (4.7.4).
I have something very weird going on in my Dashboard. Not sure when this started.
Can’t say for sure it started with the latest version of Wordpress or not.
My Dashboard became completely useless.
It’s like it’s showing me a flashback of a Dashboard from a few days or hours ago:
Comments I’ve deleted in the Dashboard (hitting “trash”) are suddenly back there, awaiting my moderation.
Plugins I’ve deactivated or even deleted are all back there and according to Dashboard still running (while in my FTP folder they’re certainly gone).
The plugin page cannot be trusted anymore as it shows some plugins are activated that aren’t and vice versa. I have to check on my actual website to confirm which ones are running.
Updates aren’t shown correctly. Once I’ve updated a plugin, a few minutes later it shows me again that there’s a new update.
As you can tell it’s all pretty much the same phenomenon.
It’s as if I’m seeing an older version of my Dashboard.
Not sure what else is broken.
The only other thing I noticed is that even on my actual blog I still see a comment. Blog post says “1 comment”, but the actual comment doesn’t show up.
At first, this all sounds like a “cache problem”.
But I’ve already turned off all caching:
No caching plugin installed
Turned off server caching via htaccess
Disabled leverage browser caching
Emptied my own browser cache
Other things I tested:
Turn off all plugins.
Switch to the standard Wordpress theme “Twenty Twelve”
I tried WP_DEBUG, but nothing related shows up.
I researched the internet, but nobody has described a similar problem, so I suppose this is not a common Wordpress issue.
The issue remains.
Unfortunately I’m not a developer and don’t know too much about the Wordpress codex etc.
But to me it sounds that the mistake is definitely not in the plugin or theme folder.
The problem is that I’ve reached the point where I really cannot turn off plugins via Dashboard properly anymore. It’s so annyoing!
My questions are:
Is it safe to assume that this is related to the Wordpress core
What files exactly are in “charge of” the Dashboard?
Should I just try to re-download the newest Wordpress version and replace a few files (if so which ones)?
Should I do a clean Wordpress re-install or would that be too drastic?
Any other suggestions?
Additionally I tried now:
I manually downloaded the newest version of Wordpress and did just as
described on the website. I manually replaced wp-admin,
wp-include folders and all root files. The issue remains...
The way my Dashboard is right now, I really can’t use it.
Please advice!
I contacted my host service again.
They just gave me the same line to insert into my .htaccess file and I told them I already tried it and it didn't work.
I then showed them my .htaccess file and they deleted the whole part that concerned their server caching.
Now server caching is completely off and everything works again.
Still not sure why this previously never caused issues.
In the end, it had nothing to do with Wordpress.
I hope this answer will help people who run into similar problems.

WordPress cache on the backend side

I have the same problem on different WordPress based websites.
I developed some of them, while others are made by someone else.
They don't have that much in common: completely different websites, different themes/plugins and so on.
Recently in these websites, I've been experiencing this problem: WordPress is caching the backend in a really tough way and, after saving any edits, I have to force a refresh with ctrl+f5 to actually see the edits I made before.
After some digging I can assure that:
it doesn't seem to depend on the webserver (same problem on nginx and on apache)
it doesn't depend on varnish or wp caching plugins (it happens also on website without any cache solutions)
it happens just in some new wp releases, I'm not experiencing this problem on older websites
it doesn't depend on my pc/browser configuration because my colleagues are experiencing the exact same problem on their pc
Anyone who had the same problem and was able to find a solution?
EDIT: It actually happened also on a fresh WordPress installation. Once I created a page, I went back to the page list by clicking on the menu item and I couldn't see the page in the list. After forcing a page refresh the newly created page was there as it was supposed to be before.