Ionic 3 - Open geolocation without navigation with Google Maps / Apple Maps app - ios

In my Ionic 3 app for Android and iOS, I need to open a specific geolocation with Google Maps (if installed) or Apple Maps. I discovered Launch Navigator which pretty much does the same.
Is there a way by which I can choose not to navigate to the specified location and only show a marker using Launch Navigator?
If not, are there any other alternatives to make this possible?


how to make google map snippet and directly move to google maps from iOS app?

i am a beginner in iOS development, i want to build and iOS app that has a map to indicate a restaurant location, but if use Google Map SDK in my iOS app, its size is too big (128 MB). so i think this is not a good option to install Google Map SDK on my apps.
i find an android apps that only shows the snippet of google map location and then if the map is pressed then it will directly move to google maps app in android like this
can i have the same process in iOS app? since google maps apps is not initially installed on iOS
Seems like you should follow the Google Maps URL Scheme for iOS. If Google Maps app is installed it will open; else the Google maps web page will open.
I have not done this but that's how I read it.
If you really want to have the Google Maps app you could show a link to the URL for the download - but you can't force it. It is also a pretty annoying user experience and Google will take care of suggesting that the native app be installed, so seeing such a prompt appear twice will be even more annoying.

How to show my app as a candidate routing app for shared locations in iOS

I am trying to show my app (which is a routing/navigation app) in the list of routing apps that are available for other apps to use (I attached a sample screenshot from WhatsApp).WhatsApp Screenshot
I followed the steps mentioned in Apple's documentation and checked the app and the app was appearing in the routing apps in Apple Maps prior to iOS10; Starting from iOS10, Apple Maps app removed the option to choose a routing app.
Now there is no way to test this feature since it was removed from Apple maps list.
How can I test this feature now? Is there a standard way to show the routing apps?

How to use correct iOS link schema for launching external apps form Meteor app? [closed]

I am creating an app using Meteor Framework.
I have a contact us section and there is Address, Phone and a Email address.
I built/compiled the app into both Android and iPhone. But when click on Address or Phone or Email it does not take me to the default maps or call the number or open mail software. However it does in Android Device. When I finger tap on address it opens google map app or if I tap on phone then it calls the number respectively...
How do I link to the native iOS functions?
My guess is that your links are what iPhone can recognise and handle in a built-in or 3rd party app.
Check following documentation for built-in iOS apps:
iOS Phone Links
Mail Links
Apple MapLinks
If you prefer using Google Maps check Google Maps URL Scheme for iOS
or for Waze: Launching Waze iOS client with parameters
Also make sure your mobile-config.js includes appropriate App.acessRule permissions.
App.accessRule('*', {launchExternal:true});
// needed for navigation on iOS:
App.accessRule('https://**', {launchExternal:true});
App.accessRule('https://**', {launchExternal:true});
App.accessRule('https://**', {launchExternal:true});
// needed for Apple Maps
App.accessRule('*', {launchExternal:true});
Hope this helps.
If not, please provide examples of links used on your buttons.
Or detail if you are using any specific Cordova plugin used in your Meteor app.

MobileFirst on iOS: start Google Maps and let user return

I use a standard Maps protocol for iOS in my MobileFirst 7.0 hybrid app:
The Google Maps app opens correctly, however there is no possibility to return back to my app. The iOS apps list shows my app icon with Google Maps screen. The Google Maps UI has no exit button to return back. I would expect there to be two separate processes: my app and Google Maps.
Am I doing anything wrong or is this intended? If so, how should one go about something like this?
Per the Apple guide, this will open either Safari or the Maps app. It does not mention anything on returning back to the app, so that's just that:
Edit: but to get it to work in web apps, like in the case of IBM MobileFirst, where the app is rendered in a WebView inside an app, you should not follow Apple's guidelines to use a URL such as: but rather only maps:q=....
By using the second option the actual Apple Maps app will launch instead of replacing your app with Google Maps.

Let users choose between Google Maps and Apple Maps in IOS 6?

I am using basic MapKit functionality in my iOS app.
Is there a way to let my iOS 6 users choose between Google and Apple maps for the mapping data presented within my app? If so, how can I do this programmatically?
You can let users choose between iOS maps and other maps (OpenStreetMap, Microsoft VirtualEarth, CloudMade, OpenAerialMap, OpenCycleMap, SpatialCloud, TileStream7) with route me (on github) or you can go with Bing maps (also a library available).
But you'll have to code for the different libraries as the MapKit Framework is only available for Apple maps in iOS 6.
ClassicMap (GitHub) does exactly what you're looking for. The sample project shows how to add a Google Maps overlay to MapKit and how to switch between Google and Apple maps.
It works well, but zoom levels seem to be limited to Apple's data (I'm pretty sure that the maximum zoom was higher in Google Maps, at least where I live).