Shopify Mobile Buy SDK errors Swift 4 - ios

I'm trying to use the Sample App code to show my Shopify store in my app but I keep getting this error: No such module 'Buy'
I downloaded the current version 3.1.5 from the Mobile Buy SDK GitHub and followed the instructions but keep getting that error when I try to build it. I must be missing a step or something. Please help. Shopify GitHub


iOS 10.3 In-App Ratings (or Reviews) with PhoneGap Build - How?

How to use the new feature in-app ratings/reviews for iOS 10.3 in Phonegap Build?
I tried several plugins, but get a build error for each of them, saying:
Error - The following 3rd-party plugin is causing the build to fail
and may need to be updated to a newer version:
Does someone know a working plugin for in-app reviews?
When troubleshooting 3rd party plugins, I typically:
From PhoneGap Build, click the "Log" button then review the output that pops up in a new window. There's a lot of output text usually, so search (CTRL + F) for "error" until you find something that seems relevant. Usually, you'll see the specific Objective C/Swift error that has occurred
Look up the plugin page (cordova-plugin-ios-in-app-ratings-and-reviews) on
Share the error message with the plugin author on GitHub Issues.

ionic2 with stripe payment gateway

I am trying to create an application in ionic 2 by embedding stripe payment gateway. I have included com.telerik.stripe plugin. On trying to display the console log on app initialization, window.stripe remains undefined and i am getting error as "Property 'stripe' does not exist on type 'Window'". Is there any tutorial to embed stripe with ionic 2 application. Please help. Thanks in advance.
I finally found the solution to make stripe to work in ionic2. The solution is to run "ionic build " after adding the plugin. Once done, displaying console log as "stripe" under platform ready event defines the stripe in my project. :)

Internal Server Error with PayPal MPL

I am trying to use PayPalMPL 2.1.7 for iOS to accept third party payments in my app. When I use this code to initialize the environment:
[PayPal initializeWithAppID:#"APP-80W284485P519543T" forEnvironment:ENV_SANDBOX];
I get this error in the log:
Checking Error********************
Posting Error: -1
and this error as an alert in the app:
internal server error
I would love to upgrade to the new PayPal iOS SDK, but it doesn't offer third party payments yet.
Any idea what will fix these errors?
However the question has an answer, I would like to add my two cents for future beginners like me who may found the same error.
Just add Bundle display name in your info.plist of your project as an empty.
Here's the screenshot.
Fixed this by adding Bundle Display Name in info.plist

AddLive sdk ios sample app not working

I just wanted to try AddLive sdk for iOS App .So downloaded sample app (AddLive_iOS_Sample-master) given at github.
It is having a textfield containing text "IOS". What we are supposed to enter there to run the app. When i try some random url's and tap on connect it shows error in LabelStatus. Any doc for that app is not available.
Can i get details for using that app or what i am doing wrong.
Following are the links i used.
AddLive iOS SDK Download:
the sample application:
cannot find out how to use sample apps
We (I work for AddLive) are migrating to tutorials instead of sample app: Please note that starting from v3 (our latest release) we have closed the downloads of SDKs. Please request SDK access here: and let us help you with everything

Using IOS and facebook APIS

Hi Does any one know how to use facebook chat apis with ios, I have use git command from the steps followed here after that i dont have any idea how to create a sample app and what syntax to follow. Thanks a lot
I haven't yet worked with the FB SDK, but their guide says
The Github repository contains a sample application that showcases the iOS SDK features.
And indeed here's the sample:
You should check this sample app first. You can just open the DemoApp.xcodeproj file from your local git clone folder.