ARPlane in ARkit is diffusing contents of a web kit view but not displaying properly - ios

I am Diffusing contents of other views in arplane in ARkit .but when I attempt this for web kit view then it isn't diffusing contents (html) loaded by a url in WebKit view.


Using CameraRoll component local images are not displaying

while accesing local images using CameraRollView component this error is observed
Camera roll view has been removed from iOS 8 onwards. The closest thing that resembles it is the collection view.

WKWebview and 360 pics

Just for testing purposes I'm trying to show a react-vr example ( in a WKWebView, the website loads only on the device while on the simulator the screen stays blank.
Apart from that on the device I can't interact with the 360 pics, for example I can't pan to rotate the view or tap on the hotspots.
I tried to load the same website using Safari on iOS and the website is loaded correctly with all the interactions.
Do I have to enable something in the WKwebview?

Swift: Create an Overlay

I'm making an ios app in swift, taking a programatic approach (not using Storyboards). How can I add an overlay image to the app such that it doesn't go away when the current view controller is changed? This is similar to having a progress bar on the bottom of a music app that doesn't disappear when you look through various pages in the app (i.e. changing from one playlist page to another playlist page). Thanks!

iOS camera access through browser. Overlay?

I am developing a simple web page that will be accessed by an iOS user. It will ask them to take an upload an image.
Is there any way of controlling an overlay on top of the active camera view?
I haven't been able to find any examples of this so I assume that the browser does not have access to the live camera feed?
No, you can only do something like this inside an actual app.
Yes, you can put an overlay on top of an active camera view. Check out the Photo Picker sample code provided by Apple. Inside of the delegate methods for the UIImagePickerController you can capture the image and hand it off to your code to perform the actual upload.
No, you cannot load a camera view through the browser. See the sample project for how to load the camera using the default view. How to add an overlay and how to use the image.
BTW - You may want to make use of a UIWebView to display web-based content within your app.

UIWebView transparent with YouTube player shows native player behind on iOS 7 (Bug?)

I'm currently updating an app for iOS 7 and discovered that by making a UIWebView transparent (how-to-make-a-transparent-uiwebview) and adding a YouTube video inside, it will show the native version of that video player behind the content:
Screenshot of the bug
I already tried looping all the web view subviews and asking on the Apple dev forums, but nothing yet. Any help will be much appreciated.
You should add new UIView with same frame size as your transparent UIWebview.
Then add your transparent uiwebview on this new UIView instead of your main view. So your main view will be automatically hide.
I mean hiding and showing new view. Your new view will come up with your transparent webview on the screen.
Try it Out. It should Work.