React Native List view Over Header - react-native

I am.looking to build a screen similar to Coinbase list view where the list items are overlayed on top of header. Is there any existing component available with similar functionality?


Need examples to understand the scenarios where we should prefer directives over component - Angular

I know its an old question but coming from Angular 1.4 background I need some more practical examples of using directives in place of components when building an app.
Most of the examples I came across has been showing use as below :
Adding a certain behavior on a div. I saw some examples of changing background color for div
Removing / hiding certain div depending on user action.
To be more precise, lets consider an ecommerce website. Now, to build that we will create components like:
Search bar (with typeahead feature)
Nav bar
Cart button with badge (to show item count) and when its clicked it'll show added items.
Welcome Page (again a component) which will have more components like carousel , side divs to show category offers. (It'll change depending on routing selected from nav bar)
Product List page (again a component) : to show product list.
Product List page : will have grids (components) to show product image and with Add to Cart button.
footer (again a component)
Where should I fit directive into this scenario ?
I hope I have backed my question with good points so that it will not get down-voted.

React Fabric UI and Right side panel

I need to develop a React application with Fabric UI,having header and footers.
The content area shows one button, when click should display the Panel component.
on right side. But this Panel component should not overlap the header & footer but only the content area.
How this can be done ?

How to add multiple header in react native tabNavigatior

If i want to add two headers with different headings above TabBar in React Native. How can i add it. ?
I am using TabNavigator for making tab in mobile application and already have one header in it but i want to add one more header above TabBar.

react-native-menu and stacknavigator, menu option view does not display outside of header

I am using stack navigator for navigation to develop react native app, it give its own header. I am trying to add on option menu in that header. It works but option menu item does not display outside of header.
how can i create options menu in header of stack navigator plugin.
someone please help me

Pull up view for React Native

I'm looking for a React Native component that works similar to the Maps app in iOS 10, where there is a view that "pulls up" over top of the map, that is either partially visible, pulled all the way up to the top so you can scroll through the content of that view, or pulled down to the bottom so you can interact with the content underneath. Does anyone know if a component like this already exists or if one can be made out of other existing components?
You could try the 'react native sliding up panel'.