RatchetPHP WebSocket + Laravel on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Deployment - laravel

Im trying to deploy a laravel application with ratchetphp websocket on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. My application is on port 80 while my websocket server is on 8080.
Can anyone help me how to run the websocket server on Elastic Beanstalk?
This is my websocket server
I tried using aws ebextensions but it only works on database migration. I got a connection timed out when I add the 'php artisan websocket:init' command for running the websocket server.


Elasticpress cannot connect to remote Elasticsearch on Digitalocean server

I have a droplet on DigitalOcean with elasticsearch properly running, I have another installation (on a different server) of wordpress with elasticpress that keeps sending this error: There is a problem with connecting to your Elasticsearch host. ElasticPress can try your host again, or you may need to change your settings. I'm using the IPv4 of the digitalocean droplet and port 9200 in the WP-config file, to define EP_HOST. Do I need a proxy server or what is missing? I've followed many tutorials with no success.

ECS instance can't connect to itself behind network load balancer

We've got a service (java-based) and mysql both running as ECS services. The service wants to communicate to a mysql database through a network ELB.
When our service and the mysql database are running on the same EC2 instance, it can't connect to the mysql database. I can reproduce this using telnet - if I telnet to the mysql database through the ELB from another computer I can connect, but if I ssh to the EC2 instance that mysql is running on and then try to telnet to it through the ELB, it just hangs.
What's going on?

i'm trying to share localhost with ngrok

i'm trying to access my localhost via ngrok, and my project is Laravel 5.3
The connection to http://****.ngrok.io was successfully tunneled to your ngrok client, but the client failed to establish a connection to the local address localhost:8000.
how can i solve this issue ?
Kindly check if you tunnel same port which is used by your application like 8000.

Curl amazon EC2 instance getting error

Hi I have been using Amazon Ec2 server and I am trying to call to this server using curl from another server(php) which is hosted in godaddy.
While calling I am getting the below error
Error: "Failed to connect to ec2-**-**-**-**.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com port 8080: Connection refused" - Code: 7
Can anyone tell me about what is the actual issue.
Note: While trying to connect this through rest api tool it is working fine.
Make sure, the security group for the ec2 instances has the inbound rule from Goddaddy's IP range or set to all ( with port 80 and 443.

Setup MongoDB on Apache [closed]

Is it possible to setup MongoDB on Apache? How to do this?
I have installed Apache on and MongoDb on it mean, that they are placed on different servers?
But how to install MongoDb on Apache, I don't know
MongoDB is a database server which is hosted on localhost:27017,
Apache is a HTTP server which in your case is hosted on localhost:8000. Both are different servers for different purposes. You cannot put a server on top of the other!
As for example, MySQL is a server running on 3306 port. Apache has a plugin to connect with it, not that MySQL runs on Apache.