Best Cloaker to use for facebook? [on hold] - facebook

What is the best, most reliable cloaker that I can use for running facebook ads?


How to integrate Viber in iOS? [closed]

In one of my application I want to integrate Viber. I searched on google for SDK but all my effort went in vain. So I have following question.
Is it possible to integrate Viber in my application?
If yes, then provide me link for SDK and doc.
In my application I want to implement invite feature. When user tap on "Invite Via Viber" my application will open vibe application. After that end-user will select the contact and in share predefined text that I Passed through my app.
You can not do this. Viber does not provide any SDK or API for this purpose. You may take interest in login via Facebook or Twitter..
Because these social sites are way too popular than Viber.
You may look at these links:‎

Facebook with Google Analytics [on hold]

Can we integrate my Facebook account with Google Analytics and know who are the visitors, the traffic and all of the details?

Posting images to Facebook/Twitter via Sharekit for Phonegap?

is it possible to share images from camera/gallery to Facebook/Twitter in a Phonegap app with the ShareKit plugin? Is it possible to do it with any other plugin? I see that Facebook Connect does not have that option, how do phonegap developers deal with this situation?
Regards, Jasha

How to integrate a facebook app in a facebook group?

Is it possible to integrate functionalities from a facebook app into a facebook group? For example a karma system? Are there any APIs for that?
A tutorial would also be very helpful.
There is no way to use application within Facebook group nor alter groups functionality.

Facebook and Twitter via Social.framework + insights

I know that the easiest way to integrate twitter and fb in iOS app is to using Social.framework. But will I be able to see statistics data and app insights while implementing my features with Social.framework instead of using direct API requests? Does anyone have such experience?
Here the facebook's statistics and insights i'm talking about