Change user on Facebook login based on OAuth2 - facebook

So, I prepared OAuth2 login based on Facebook and Google. That's work perfectly, but...
Scenario #1:
When a user is logged in Facebook (in browser session) and open my website, next click on button "Login with Facebook", when everything will be fine, then has access. And It's okay!
Scenario #2:
When a user is logged in Facebook (in browser session) and open my website, next click on button "Login with Facebook", but He would like to change the Facebook account to other, but there is no something like screen (prompt) to choose a user. And this is a problem...
Google has something like prompt=select_account variable in OAuth2 URL.
There is something similar in Facebook?
P.S. I'm not interested in existing libraries or APIs.


Login on my web site following login on Twitter/Facebook

I have a follow button of Twitter and a like button of Facebook on my mean-stack webpage.
I have also a login system implemented by passport.js in the webpage, people can login via social accounts such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.
For a user who has not signed in on my webpage or Twitter. If he clicks on the follow button of Twitter, a window of Twitter will popup and ask him to log in. After this login, does anyone know if it is possible to make the user systemically signed in on my website too?
Same question applies to Facebook too.

Facebook FB.login popup opens invalid URL

In my website i am using FB Javascript SDK for providing my users to login with their FaceBook account instead of filling up register form.
The problem is from today morning, when i click on the "Signin with Facebook" button, it opens popup with the URL
instead of which is not a valid url.
why the URL is comming like this ?
I am having the same issue (I would just post a comment but apparently you need 50 rep) so this is not a complete answer. To provide more info it seems it may be a temporary bug, if the user you've been logging in as is currently logged into facebook, the user is logged in straight away. If the user isn't, this loggin error occurs. Obviously once it perceives it that way, you can't go back to a new user because it skips the loggin screen. Perhaps facebook is expecting that user to be logged in which leads to this errornous way of dealing with it.

How does a Website with Facebook login work practically?

If I create an app for my wesite under the tab 'website with Facebook login' - how does this work for users accessing my site?
Do users HAVE to sign in with Facebook to view my site?
Or would they only be prompted to sign in if they were not signed in and they clicked my Like or Send buttons (the only button's we'll have)?
If a user doesn't click the like or send - will they be affected?
As much details about the user experience as possible wouldbe great. Cheers all!
Facebook login is usually just a wrapper on top of your website that allows you to get Facebook user details if they use Facebook. You will still need a system to track who is actually logged in to your site and they will still have to click the "Login with Facebook" button.
On the other hand, the Like and Share buttons are independent as they simply send your website data to Facebook and Facebook does not send anything back to you.
You do not need Facebook login functionality to put Like or Share features on your page.

Facebook Logout Button for My Website (Not Facebook Connect Logout)

I was wondering if it is possible to create a "logout" button for my site that will log a user out of facebook and then redirect them to a specific URL ? Let me elaborate, I work in a retail store and I have a mounted iPad so customers can "like" our facebook page (by using a traditional facebook like button). Currently, when customer's select "like" it opens a new window where facebook asks for a username and password, and then immediately after the customer hits "Submit" it re-directs them back to a specific URL where I say "thanks for liking us"...the only problem is that it keeps them logged into facebook.
I'm hoping to put a logout button on my "thank you for liking us" URL so they can click that to logout (without going back to facebook) and then it re-directs back to the page with the like button for the next customer.
I have tried facebook connect but it's so many steps because users have to allow the app etc. that I'm hoping to avoid that. Maybe a way that clears the facebook cookies or anything else? I'm so out of ideas that anything will help!
Include the Facebook JS SDK and then call FB.logout() either on click of the link, or on the thank you page.
Tested, not working even with FB.logout(), because once you logged in, then fb cookie will be injected automatically, there's no way to remove it unless you've logout from

Facebook Permissions Dialog in Page

I've created an app that works fine, however if the user has not authorized my app yet, they have to do the following (assuming they are in facebook AND logged in) -
go to my app
click login/authorize
popup with facebook permissions opens
accept in the popup
However I noticed with Zynga games like Mafia Wars 1/2, Farmville etc, when you go to the app, if it hasn't been authorized, it takes you straight to the permissions which is in a PAGE and not a popup, thereby eliminating one step. Also, the permissions dialog is full width, there is not app sidebar.
Does anyone know how I can duplicate this flow? It would be much easier to have users authorize within a facebook page rather than through a popup. How can I get permissions inside the page?
thanks in advance
Once user visit a Page tab with your application you can check if he is connected with your application by comparing Page ID with User ID in signed_requests, for unauthorized users ID's will be same. In that case you can start authentication flow by redirecting user's browser to "login url".
If you want it to be full page just do the redirect with JavaScript like this: = '
If you using PHP you can construct Login URL by calling Facebook->getLoginUrl method.
Read the docs on Facebook authentication